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Automated Gate Servicing

Maintaining your gates is vital to keep them running as regular as clockwork. Our skilled engineers will service your gates with due care and examine all aspects to ensure they are running at their best performance.

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What Happens on a Gate Service?

Preventative maintenance checks include:

  • Checking you have the right voltage to and from you power source and other powered equipment you have on your gates (intercoms, keypads etc.)
  • Making sure all metal casings are earthed.
  • Going through your gate settings to ensure the gate is running at the best performance.
  • Greasing and oiling all components required.
  • Checking the physical structure of your gates,
  • Thorough safety checks will be completed.
  • Cleaning of all gate components.


Key Features

  • Servicing your gates will give them a longer life expectancy and any faults found will be rectified on site if possible.
  • A thorough check of all aspects of your gates, including cabling, voltage and physical structure of the gates.
  • We recommend that you have a service every 12 months, to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Our engineers are fully qualified to perform the servicing, for your complete peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide customers with a gate servicing with an annual service. We charge customers for this service and it includes provision of a full service report. We are also able to service gates we did not install.

All automated systems need servicing, just like your car, to maintain the performance, safety and reliability of the system, and to extend the life capacity. A maintenance contract is a good way to ensure that the gates are regularly serviced.

Maintenance contract customers will also receive priority service over non-contracted customers, to ensure the minimum disruption and speedy repair should your gates fail. However, we will attend the site and carry out a service at any time for a set fee – contact us on 01206 581 477 for pricing and availability.

Just like every car, every electro-mechanical device will fail at sometime in its lifetime. An electric gate system, which is constantly subjected to all the elements, really needs a service every 12 months. Systems which are regularly serviced will continue to operate for years.

Your Security. Your Way

Our main focus is you and your needs.

Before we give any advice on our security systems, we carry out a site visit to see what will best suit your needs. Once we know your requirements, we work closely with you to provide the security system to match your requirements.

What We Do

  • Automated Gates
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  • Door Entry
  • Maintenance
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Areas We Cover

  • London
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We're Highly Accredited

All our engineers are DHF trained, to fully understand the safety aspects of automated gates. We're determined to keep our engineers fully trained for your complete peace of mind.

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