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Underground Motors

We supply a wide range of gate automation systems for underground use.  We offer both high and low voltage kits

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Underground Motor Installation and Repair

The most popular type of automated system is the underground motor. Having this type of underground automated system installed means there is no sign of any mechanisms, apart from the casing box lid, usually in stainless steel, and pivotal arm. This makes it a particularly aesthetically pleasing and practical option for many of our customers.

We can install an underground motor to new gateways and most existing pairs of gates. These can be applied to both metal and wooden gates. If a power cut occurs, then there is a manual key operated system to release the gate. This is located on both the inside and outside of the gate.

Key Features

  • Most popular type of automated gate system.
  • Fitted in the ground, beneath the gate.
  • Aesthetically pleasing compared to above ground motors.
  • Our qualified engineers can install a new automated gate or service your existing installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Above ground surface operators (RAMS) come in many variations and show that your gates are automated, and therefore indicate to a would-be intruder that you are security conscious and may also have additional security measures installed, such as intruder alarms, etc. They can be less expensive than an underground system, as they require less ground work carried out on your driveway. The operators are designed with neat anodised aluminium covers and are suitable for a wide range of gate, up to 5m per leaf.

Underground motors are the obvious choice where you have a decorative set of gates and aesthetics are important. The operators are installed under the gate post area. Soak away drainage should be provided from the underground foundation boxes. 

Underground motors are often preferred because the motors are hidden out of sight and don’t spoil the aesthetics of the gates. Underground systems are slightly more expensive then gate mounted systems (above ground motors) and the installation may take slightly longer due to the groundworks required.

Yes, the motors are sealed against water ingress. We always fit adequate drainage to underground motors.

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