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Automated Barriers In Essex

East Coast Gates are your premier choice of security system providers in Essex. Alongside our extensive range of swing and sliding gates, we also offer automated vehicle barriers to complement your security setup.

Automated Barriers In Essex

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If you need to enhance the security of your property’s main access points, then automated barriers could be enormously beneficial for you. Often used to secure commercial premises, particularly in areas such as carparks, an automated barrier can be implemented to allow access to authorised vehicles, whilst preventing unwarranted access to others. The automated barriers work by rising to grant access, or falling to block the point of entry to unauthorised personnel. In some scenarios, an individual would make a payment to trigger the barrier automation. However, if you are using automated traffic control barriers for security purposes, then you would require someone to identify themselves in order to pass through.

Barrier Automation Installation Essex

If you have a commercial property that you want to restrict access to, then an automated barrier can provide ideal security to your site. Automated barriers can usually be found at car park entrances, toll booths or private racetracks.

East Coast Gates specialise in boom barriers, which is a bar or a pole that pivots to allow or block vehicular access. Typically, the tip of the boom rises in a vertical position. We can supply, install and service both new and existing barrier installations.

Repairing Your Automatic Barriers

If you already rely on automatic vehicle barriers, then you will know how frustrating it can be if they fail. Not only can this cause chaos if you have a queue of cars and personnel trying to gain access to your site, but it can also potentially be bad for business due to the frustration of failed entry to your premises. East Coast Gates are experts in providing rapid maintenance of your automatic traffic control barriers to ensure that you will never experience a break-down of your entry systems. In fact, we will ensure that your security systems are running at their most efficient. This is achieved by our experienced technicians providing periodic servicing of your barrier automation systems which will always ensure that they are fully operational. Maintenance can be carried out on a schedule which suits you to ensure zero disruption to the running of your business.

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East Coast Gates are the leading supplier of security systems in Essex, specialising in the design, supply and installation for both domestic and commercial properties. For your convenience, our dedicated and experienced engineers are available 24/7 to provide scheduled or emergency maintenance of your security systems as required. If you would like to discuss an upcoming barrier automation project, or you require repair work on your existing automated barriers, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team are available on 01787 736 083.


Key Features

  • Perfect for car park entrances, toll booths or private racetracks.
  • East Coast Gates are specialists in boom barriers. We offer seven different designs.
  • Can be opened using a push button, remote control, RFID tags, RFID reader, loop detectors or by a third party access control device.
  • Advanced safety devices installed as standard, to prevent the barrier closing when a vehicle or person is in the way.
  • Manual override in case of emergency or power cut.
  • Our qualified engineers can install a new automated gate or service your existing installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Barriers are rotationally moulded with use of polyethylene and UV protectors, to provide one of the toughest plastic barriers on the market.

All our automated systems have a manual release key, which allow the system to be disconnected and operated manually in case of emergencies.

A barrier automation system can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Stopping unauthorised entry of people or vehicles on to your property, site or into your building, without your knowledge or permission.
  • Health and safety to prevent people accessing parts of your site where there may be hazardous materials present, dangerous equipment or other risks.
  • Protecting property and assets by minimising the risk of theft, such as vehicles driving on to the property or people to steal your assets or other crimes.
  • Vehicle control by slowing down cars, lorries etc. and controlling traffic flow.
  • School safety, by meeting your responsibilities for protection of staff and pupils.

All our installations are designed with safety as a primary consideration. Each site is risk assessed and every installation is equipped with multiple safety systems to prevent damage to vehicles or injury to pedestrians.

An automatic boom barrier can be operated through a push button, a remote control, RFID tags, RFID reader, loop detectors and by any third party access control devices.

The most used boom barrier is the electro-mechanical boom barrier. Because of it’s reliability, these barriers can work long without generating heat and can be used for very intensive work.

The VEGA boom barrier is used in both housing and commercial areas as it takes less load.

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Before we give any advice on our security systems, we carry out a site visit to see what will best suit your needs. Once we know your requirements, we work closely with you to provide the security system to match your requirements.

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