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Above Ground Motors

East Coast Gates are your leading choice of automated gate supplier. As part of our range of automated gate sets and accessories, we provide an above ground motor for gates as a convenient mechanism for your installation. Offering both high and low voltage kits, we have the perfect above ground motor for your gate automation project, which can open each leaf by 5m.

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How Does An Above Ground Motor for Gates Work?

When you opt for automated swing gates, the mechanics of the gates are controlled by the operator. Whether you have electric, metal or wooden swing gates, the operator determines how and when the gates will open or close. East Coast Gates offer either an underground or above ground motor for gates depending on your preferences and budget. If you are unsure of which is the right solution for your installation, then our professional team will talk through your options and provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote.

Above Ground Motor Installation

If you are interested in an automatic gate installation, then an above ground motor is an excellent choice of operator for your project. Not only are they economical, but they are also easy to maintain. The above ground motors we supply are fixed to the back (inside) of the gate. They are usually either bolted or wielded to your gate and posts/piers. All cabling for your gate automation will need to run back to your control board location. You need not worry about this damaging the aesthetics of your gate project, as these cables will be hidden in ducting underground, and inside your posts where possible to ensure a neat finish. With above ground motors we can offer an opening of 110 degrees.

Repair of Your Above Ground Motor For Gates

If you are having problems with an existing automatic gate installation, then be aware that your above ground motor should be maintained periodically to prolong the life of the device. The beauty of the motor is that it can be accessed easily by our automatic gate technicians due to its convenient location at the rear of your gate post. Not only is this convenient, but it also means that any problems can be solved quickly so that your automatic gate sets can be restored back to full working order asap. Even if you are not experiencing any issues with your above ground motor, it is best practice to have it serviced once in a while. Contact our expert team for further details.

Benefits of Your Above Ground Gate Motor

When you are choosing a type of operator for your automatic gate installation, there are some clear benefits offered by your above ground gate motor. Not only are these the most common type of gate motor, but they’re also lower costing, reliable and simple to install. They use a worm drive or screwjack action to retract the arm, which shortens the arm length, thus opening the gates. These operators are available on wooden and metal gates as well as combinations of the two.

For your convenience, our above ground gate motor systems can be installed on existing gates as well as new pairs and single swing gates. If you are unhappy with your existing operator mechanism, then consider switching to an above ground motor to enhance the performance of your automated gate system.

Key Features of Above Ground Gate Motor Mechanism

  • Fitted to the back of the gate and pillar.
  • Lower cost compared to underground motors.
  • Our qualified engineers can install a new automated gate or service your existing installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Above ground motors are usually wielded to your gate and your posts if you have metal gates. On wooden gates they can be bolted with coach bolts.

Above ground motors come as 230v or 24v depending on the situation. Our surveyor or engineer will speak with you to determine the best solution of voltage.

No, they are not suitable for all gates. There are a number of things to take into account when looking for the correct type of motor. You need to know what to look for really, as this is dependant on the hinge pin and the geometry of the motors, as well as the size of your post. We would be happy to assist you in supplying our staff to visit and go through this to help.

Your Security. Your Way

East Coast Gates are proud providers of automatic gate sets to provide enhanced security for your domestic or commercial property. As an integral part of the mechanism for your swing gates, we supply, install and maintain above ground motor units.

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