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Wireless Installation

Get your new intruder alarm fitted without the need for wires. No messy cables, no lifting up of carpets, just a clean, simple installation.

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Wireless Alarm Installation

All our alarms are available with a wireless installation option, providing you with the security and reliability of a wired alarm, but with the freedom and ease that comes with having no wires. Without the need for any building work, these systems can be installed in any property, regardless or whether you rent or own, and can be installed quickly with no mess.

You can also relax in the knowledge that the alarm won’t just die on you – the intelligent battery management system will inform you when the battery starts running low, long before it needs to be replaced. Call East Coast Gates now on 01206 581 477, to see how a wireless alarm system could benefit your property.

Key Features

  • Installation is quick, clean and simple - No wires, no mess, no fuss.
  • Wireless alarms are just as reliable as their wired counterparts.
  • Can be installed in any property, even rented accommodation, without the need for any building work or carpets being lifted up.
  • The built-in batteries last for years, providing plenty of warning before they need to be changed.
  • Monitor and control your alarm systems through your smartphone, wherever you are.
  • Our qualified engineers can install a new alarm system or service your existing installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wireless systems are now as good as any wired system, the fact that it is completely wireless now makes it an attractive option. It also takes less time to install a wireless alarm system and with new technology they are now as reliable as the wired systems.

Wireless alarm systems always have the latest information about the state of the detector's batteries. If there is a drop in power, this will be displayed by the alarm panel long before the battery is completely flat, so that you can replace the batteries in good time.

No, there are no health hazards from emissions when you use wireless alarm systems. Transmission power is very low and the detectors only communicate with the alarm panel if there is an event or for checking purposes. When you use your normal mobile phone for three minutes, you are exposed to much higher emissions than with a wireless alarm system in a whole year.

Wireless alarm systems are used wherever constructional modifications are difficult or impossible. Wireless alarm systems are the ideal solution above all in rented and owner-occupied flats where time-consuming cable laying is not wanted, too expensive or not possible. No dirt and noise when fitting, no expensive installation work and very flexible – these factors make wireless alarm systems a low-cost security solution which can be realised anywhere in the shortest time.

Your Security. Your Way

Our main focus is you and your needs.

Before we give any advice on our security systems, we carry out a site visit to see what will best suit your needs. Once we know your requirements, we work closely with you to provide the security system to match your requirements.

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We're Highly Accredited

All our engineers are DHF trained, to fully understand the safety aspects of automated gates. We're determined to keep our engineers fully trained for your complete peace of mind.

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