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Domestic Alarms

Keep your family and possessions safe with our range of home alarms. We offer both wired and wireless installation.

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Domestic Alarm Installation and Repair

Your home is the one place you want to feel safe, and an intruder alarm can add that additional feeling of security. Ideally, you want your home alarm to act as a deterrent for potential intruders. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, so you want to be sure that your family and valuable possessions are protected in the case of a break in.

We’ll work with you to design the ideal alarm system for your home, to help keep you safe. There are four different alarm types available, ranging from a loud siren to a system that alerts the local police. Our smartphone app can alert you to any potential activity, so you can monitor your home’s security wherever you are.

Key Features

  • A variety of alarms available, with either wired or wireless installation.
  • Alarms include a built in battery, to ensure you’re protected even during a power-cut.
  • Monitor and control your alarm systems through your smartphone, wherever you are.
  • We install pet friendly sensors, to avoid accidental alarm triggers.
  • Our qualified engineers can install a new alarm system or service your existing installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

It might have been the case a few years ago to opt for a wired system, but with new technology, wire-free systems have moved on. Each has its own individual advantages. The choice is yours.

Wired alarm systems are the right choice if you plan the system at an early stage when building or rebuilding your house or small business. Wired alarm systems are usually used in commercial objects where the cables can be laid without great effort e.g. in supermarkets or warehouses. Wired alarm systems are often less expensive than wireless systems.

Another important argument in favour of wired systems: the exclusive transmission path guarantees absolute reliability of a system once it is installed. There are no maintenance costs for changing batteries because all components get their power from the alarm panel.

Another benefit of a wired connection is compatibility. This allows any wired detector to be integrated in virtually any wired alarm system – regardless of the manufacturer.

Alarms can be categorised into 4 main headings: Bells Only, Speech Dialler, Monitored Alarms and Police Response. The names may differ however the principles are the same:

  • Bells Only - A bell only alarm is generally the most basic option. They consist of a mains powered control panel, which is usually backed up by battery, with hardwired or wireless links to its detectors. This type of alarm will send out a local site notification (by siren) which will alert site personal or local neighbours.
  • Speech Dialler - This alarm consists of all the components of a ‘Bells Only’ alarm, but with remote notification to nominated persons via a telephone and/or text messaging device – commonly called a speech or voice dialler. GSM alarms have become more popular than mainline speech diallers in this category, due to the loss of telephone services should the phone line be terminated, for one reason or another. A GSM alarm will use any typical high street mobile phone SIM and will send a text to the nominated person of your choice.
  • Monitored Alarms - Again, the monitored alarm has all of the features that a speech dialler has, however the notification services are sent via telephone and/or radio-based Alarm Transmission Systems (ATS) to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), whom are available 24/7. They will then in turn notify the nominated personal.
  • Police Response Alarm - This system is like monitored alarms, but ARC can also request police response, once they confirm whether the alarm is false and if the alert will require the police. When installed you will receive a unique reference number (URN) which will identify the premises. This will have been passed to the installer by the police, however to obtain this, the installer must be registered with a certification body. It is important to understand that this system does not always guarantee a response from police, mainly due to false alarms. Because of the amount of false alarms received, police response will only be given to premises with URN’s, once it is confirmed that policy response is needed. Should you receive three false alarms within 12 months, the police will withdraw their response. To reinstate police response, the system will have to go 3 months without a false alarm to be reinstated. Should an alarm remain unsupported, for 6 months or more, the police will revoke the URN, and the system will need to be upgraded or fixed to obtain another one.

Having an alarm system installed not only protects you, your loved ones and your belongings, but it also gives you complete peace of mind that you are secure in your own home. Visible alarm systems also act as deterrents to intruders therefore making it less likely that you will be burgled in the first case. You can have peace of mind that you are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Wired alarm systems have tamper protection. A tamper alarm will be triggered immediately if someone attempts to manipulate the system.

Many insurance companies will give you a small reduction in your premium if a professional alarm system is installed and serviced under contract.

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Before we give any advice on our security systems, we carry out a site visit to see what will best suit your needs. Once we know your requirements, we work closely with you to provide the security system to match your requirements.

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